Saturday, April 23, 2016

Westerhall Rum

Sometimes you just need to take a day and play tourist.
This is true even when you've lived somewhere for a long time.
We've been coming to Grenada since 2008 but we had never
toured Westerhall Estate, the home of Westerhall Rum.
I know, you're shocked!
I didn't say we never drank the rum,
I said we never toured the estate.

Westerhall no longer produces the rum here but they maintain
the historical site and a museum and do the bottling here.

The black and white photos are from the museum and give you
a glimpse into what the estate looked like when they were
producing rum here.

Back at the tasting room and our guide Anika let us crush some
sugar cane which is delicious on its' own or with a little rum.

Anika and Jim swapped rum recipes.

Wendy with Steve and Hope (S/V Starshine) and
Gary and Margi (S/V Inspiration)

Lunch followed at the beachfront restaurant in Grenada Marine.

Pop-up farmer's market in front of the restaurant.
Oh good, they have limes!  Grab some!

What a great day spent with friends and playing tourist.
Already planning our next adventure!

Sunday, April 10, 2016

The Moon and Aldebaran

Happy Hour led off with a beautiful sunset. Above the Moon is the star Aldebaran, the eye of Taurus the Bull.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Look Before You Leak

This tiny octopus appeared in the head.

Its tentacles held fast as it stared back at me while trying to flush it back to sea. Finally the octopus went back into the water in the bowl. Adding a couple of drops of vinegar made the octopus release its hold. Then a few quick flushes sent it safely back to its watery home.  

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Work Boat Regatta 2016

It may not be all fun and games.....

....but at least some were having a good time.

One of the crews getting ready to race.

Then another bringing the boat in after a capsize.

As the boat approaches the beach a crew member jumps overboard and runs to check in with the race officials. There may have been fewer boats but it still was a successful regatta for 2016.

Friday, February 12, 2016

I'm Officially a Racer!

Yes, I can add racer to my resume!
I crewed during Grenada Sailing Week aboard a J 125 Ultra Light
called Eagles' Wings.

The regatta is made up of a series of races spread over 4 days.
It takes advantage of numerous venues by beginning and ending
in different marinas around the island.  Sailing conditions also vary
as the racing moves from the protected west coast to the windier and 
rougher south coast.

Days 1 and 2 began from the Grenada Yacht Club which is located
on the lagoon in St. George's.  Racing was off Grand Anse Beach.

I can also add "rail meat" to my resume! 
I'm 4th from the right in the turquoise shoes.

Tight quarters during the race.

This is Eagles' Wings with her rail in the water while Rapajam
tries to steal our air and pass us.

Eagles' Wings is given a pretty stiff handicap in racing rules even 
though she is rigged for cruising.  For example, we had 2nd place at
the finish line in 2 out of 3 races the first day but placed last in the 
points system in our field of 5 boats.  We were also a fairly 
inexperienced  crew with several first-timers like myself.  
We did have one mishap on the first day.
Our skipper had us in perfect position at the start-line for the 3rd race
when another boat T-boned us!  We saw them coming at us and had time
to pull our legs up but their skipper made no attempt to roundup away
from us.  Luckily no one was hurt but Eagles' Wings did sustain
damage.  The other boats' bow snagged our lifeline and pulled it,
ripping one stanchion from the deck, bending another stanchion,
and twisting the bow pulpit.  There was also some hull damage.
Somehow we managed to recover and still placed second!

The bent and twisted stanchions.

End of day 2 and cold Carib for everyone.

I loved sailing with this amazing crew.
We represented 6 different countries, the U.S., Canada, Scotland,
 England, Spain and Trinidad!

Day 2 finished at Secret Harbour Marina.

The only experience I've had with flying a spinnaker is in light winds
when cruising on Merengue.  Flying a chute in 20 kts of wind in a 
race was something entirely new and it became my responsibility
along with another crew member.  We also didn't have any practice
time before the regatta but by the last day we were pretty good!
Eagles' Wings looks pretty running downwind with her chute up.

Day 4 had us sailing back to Prickly Bay Marina.  At the awards
ceremony that night we won an award for the crew showing the 
most perseverance.  I think that's code for "you're last but you tried hard."
We never gave up and sailed the last race as hard as the first.

I had a blast!  What a great experience.
I'm now an official member of the Red Hat Club.
I have the bruises to show for it.  I earned it!

There are lots of great race photos at