Friday, May 20, 2016

Grenada Chocolatefest

We spent another day playing tourist in Grenada when we took advantage
of a tour during Chocolate Fest.
The trip started with a drive up the beautiful west coast of Grenada to
the Diamond Chocolate Factory, the home of Jouvay Chocolate.

The Diamond factory is in a historic building built in 1774 as a part of a
sugar plantation.

Cocoa beans drying in the sun.  The trays are on wheels so that the trays 
can be quickly rolled under cover if it rains.

Stirring the beans so they dry evenly.

Sorting the beans after roasting.

Grinding the beans into velvety chocolate.

In another part of the factory they press the chocolate to extract the cocoa
butter.  Now they have a 35 lb block of pure cocoa.

The cocoa butter drips down into the buckets and then is poured into 

This is a very manual, labor intensive process for making chocolate.
Each chocolate bar is made by hand.

Our tour was also an excuse to have lunch at 
the Petite Anse Hotel and Restaurant.
Located on the north coast, this boutique hotel boasts stunning views
and great food.

Another wonderful day exploring this beautiful island, the Spice Island
but also the chocolate island!