Saturday, April 23, 2016

Westerhall Rum

Sometimes you just need to take a day and play tourist.
This is true even when you've lived somewhere for a long time.
We've been coming to Grenada since 2008 but we had never
toured Westerhall Estate, the home of Westerhall Rum.
I know, you're shocked!
I didn't say we never drank the rum,
I said we never toured the estate.

Westerhall no longer produces the rum here but they maintain
the historical site and a museum and do the bottling here.

The black and white photos are from the museum and give you
a glimpse into what the estate looked like when they were
producing rum here.

Back at the tasting room and our guide Anika let us crush some
sugar cane which is delicious on its' own or with a little rum.

Anika and Jim swapped rum recipes.

Wendy with Steve and Hope (S/V Starshine) and
Gary and Margi (S/V Inspiration)

Lunch followed at the beachfront restaurant in Grenada Marine.

Pop-up farmer's market in front of the restaurant.
Oh good, they have limes!  Grab some!

What a great day spent with friends and playing tourist.
Already planning our next adventure!