Saturday, October 25, 2008

Dominoes and Dirty Dancing?!?!

It's been a busy, fun-filled week! It's great having Whisper, Jacumba and Merengue back together. We've been sailing, gone for happy hour and pizza, done some island exploring and had a great party on Jacumba.
The other day we decided to go to one of the waterfalls on the island. The most economical way of traveling is by bus and the bus system on Grenada is great. We headed across the island to the Mt. Carmel Falls for a hike and a swim. The hike turned out to be a short one, only about 10 minutes from the road. But the waterfall was beautiful.
Mike and Hans getting a water massage!

Kristen provides an action shot!

Hans, Kristen and Mike.

Next another bus ride to Grenville where we had lunch and then a tour of one of the Nutmeg factories. Grenada is known as the Spice Island and was once the largest producer of nutmeg in the world. But 4 years ago Hurricane Ivan changed all that when it destroyed many of the nutmeg trees on the island. Production is only at 10% of what it used to be and will take many more years to be at the previous level.

Kristen snapped this picture of nutmeg drying in the factory. There are row after row of these muti-level racks filled with nutmeg. Each day someone rakes the nutmeg to assure that it all drys perfectly. The entire process is still very labor intensive which gives you an appreciation for what goes into bringing the consumer these wonderful spices.
The bus ride back across the island was a scary one! We are used to the buses in town with drivers that don't scare the pants off of you! Apparently the bus drivers on the longer routes across the island are in a bigger hurry. After all, more trips mean more paying customers. We all held on and occasionally closed our eyes as he sped around turns on the hilly, twisting road. The cost for all that excitement was only about $3.25 U.S. per person one-way.

Next day, another session of Mexican Train Dominoes. Jacumba was planning to depart and we thought we'd get one more game in. Besides, we had a little surprise planned for the loser! Renee was talking trash the day before, threatening the crew of Merengue with a big loss. So it was pure justice that she lost BIG and became the first recipient of our traveling loser trophy, a Domino Dunce hat.

The hat was originally a drogue for a life ring that we picked up at a swap meet. After a few decorations it became the perfect dunce hat, complete with a vent at the top to let out the steam of the wearer!

The loser must wear the hat during our next match until they can pass it on to the next loser. Although it looks good on Renee, don't you think? Perhaps she should be allowed to keep it. We probably won't get to play again for a few months so she has a lot of time to savor her trophy!

Thursday night was a farewell dinner on Jacumba with Merengue, Whisper and Fine Line. Renee and Mike left Friday for St. Martin where Jacumba will be for sale with a broker. After a great meal we all took turns shaking an ice cream maker that Whisper has on board. It was pretty funny watching every one's technique as we all took turns shaking. Renee took pictures of all the action. For a complete look at the fun visit

While Jim was shaking the ice cream, the music switched to the song "I Like Big Butts" so I felt compelled to shake my butt. Looks like we got caught doing a little dirty dancing!

Jacumba pulled out on Friday and we were very sad to see them go. We'll miss them until we catch up again in St. Martin a few months from now. Stay tuned for the next big loser in the on-going domino challenge!