Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bequia Bound

Sorry for the lapse in updating the blog.  Internet connections do not come as easily as they do in Grenada.
Yes, you read correctly.  We finally left Grenada.  Did you know that you can actually move your boat from place to place when you don't have that big anchor hanging over the side!  Who knew! 

 We left Grenada on February 2nd and headed north.  It felt great to be sailing again.

 Chatham Bay, Union Island was a welcome respite after the hustle and bustle of Grenada.  Clean, clear water, turtles and fish and only a few other boats.

 Here's Jim giving the anchor a check while enjoying a swim.

 With no time to waste it was up-anchor early the next morning and off to Bequia.  Our weather window was short and we needed to keep moving if we were going to make it to St. Lucia to meet our niece by February 13th.  Bequia was bustling at this time of year.  This picture of the anchorage was taken from the balcony of the Gingerbread Hotel.

This is why we love the Grenadines.  We are anchored in about 8 feet of crystal clear water in Admiralty Bay.  The snorkeling is always good here (octopus, eels, puffer fish, lizard fish, angel fish, trunk fish, etc) and we looked forward to doing more while we waited for the weather to improve for our sail to St. Lucia.