Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Snorkeling the Statue Park

Last weekend we were invited to join a group for an excursion
to Grenada's underwater statue park.  Located on the west coast,
the park is home to a number of statues that are placed in about 15 feet
of water, perfect for snorkeling.

This is the newer of two circles of human forms holding hands.
I will admit that the sea has given the figures somewhat of a
zombie appearance (think night of the living dead) but we found
it quite beautiful.

There is a mermaid resting on the ocean floor.
Faces appear amongst the coral.

This an area called the cemetery.
Human shapes in the sand.

Kneeling in prayer.

The shoreline is a series of little caves carved by the waves.

Heading back to the Carenage, the main port in St. George's,
we had a beautiful view of the town.

Fort George standing guard over the town.

The fishing fleet, back in port and the end of another great day!