Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Over in Woburn, a small village on the south coast of Grenada, is Nimrod's Rum Shop.
Nimrod's was made famous (at least among cruisers) in the book
 "An Embarrassment of Mangoes". 

Nimrod's is a typical rum shop, a place where the locals gather to have a beer or rum and to Lime.
Think of it as your favorite neighborhood bar. 

Wendy, Phyllis, Steve and Hope enjoying a cold one.

If you be limin' then you know this is good advice.
Definition: Limin' - to relax, take it easy while you hang out with friends.
We be limin' mon!

More words of wisdom or just a warning?

The aroma of curry was just too irresistible so we moved down to the patio to wait for 
Mrs. Nimrod's chicken roti......... 

........and to enjoy the view of the neighborhood.
I think all neighborhood bars should have a view like this!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Grenada Again

We're home, back in Grenada.
Back to blue sky and water, green hills and white sand.
Back to warm breeze and warm temperatures.
It feels good.  It feels right.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Detour to North Carolina

Here's a few more beautiful fall pictures, this time from North Carolina.
It is 7 years since we first visited here.  We were in our first year of cruising, motoring down the Intracoastal Waterway and we were taken in by the scenery and friendly people.

Hiking has been a pleasure, both in the state parks and on the walking trails near our friend Reed's home.

Just a few hours from Durham and we were on the Atlantic beaches.
Gorgeous stretches of white sand as far as you can see.

We came across a kite festival at Wrightsville Beach.
Just look at the size of these kites in comparison to the people on the ground!
A beautiful sight on a perfect fall day at the beach!

Tomorrow it's back to beautiful Grenada.
We have a few weeks of boat projects to finish up before launching Merengue.
Can't wait to be back on the water!