Sunday, November 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Jim!

There are few things in life that Jim dislikes more than birthdays. Although better than the alternative, he dislikes getting older. So we spent the day doing several of the things he does like. We sat on a beach and drank rum punch.

Grand Anse Beach is beautiful and, with no cruise ships in port, quiet and peaceful.
The only interruption was Jim telling me how he supposed he'd have to start wearing black socks with his sandals (picture withheld by request) and why is this one eyebrow hair 3 inches long? As you can imagine, I'm the one who needed a lot of rum! Actually we spent a great day at the beach and then went out for a jerk chicken and callaloo pizza at De Big Fish Restaurant.

Last weekend we attended the Hindu Festival of Lights. The Festival of Lights is a celebration of the light over dark, of good over evil.

The festival turned out to be a program of dancing, music and food in an auditorium. My understanding is that in other parts of the world it is a huge celebration that takes you through neighborhoods where the homes are decorated with lights and people pass out small gifts and food. We enjoyed watching the dancers, seeing everyone dressed in their beautiful traditional clothing and sampling the vegetarian cuisine.

Back on the boat the next day and we are making pizza. We put Bailey out in the cockpit in the shade because it was so hot inside the boat. She spent the whole time staring in through the screen. "Daytime is naptime. Let me in!"