Friday, September 19, 2008

Ladies Day

Wednesday was Ladies Day.
One of the cruisers set up a day of touring that was just for the ladies. It was a nice opportunity to meet women and enjoy each others' company. Our first stop was an herb garden, a 2 acre site dedicated to growing local herbs. Our guide explained all the uses as she walked us through the garden. "Boil this one and make a tea. It's good for headaches, colds, fever, cramps. Make a poultice with this. It cures rashes and skin irritations."

This woman is scrapping the bark off of cinnamon trees. As the pieces of bark dry, they curl up forming the cinnamon sticks you buy in the stores.

Our next stop was a t-shirt factory where you can purchase t-shirts at very reasonable prices. You pick the size, color and design you want and they print it up while you wait. I just roamed around and watched the other women shop. Jim and I don't need more t-shirts! There's no more room on this little boat!

Lunch was at the Aquarium Restaurant, a lovely restaurant on a beautiful stretch of beach. Most of the women were cruisers from the States or Canada who, like me have been cruising for a few years, primarily in the Caribbean. Because we've had requests for more info on the people we meet, I thought I'd share a couple of stories. Judy (1st on left) on the S/V Bodacious is from New Zealand. She and her husband Barry did their first circumnavigation a few years back. Upon returning to New Zealand they sold their boat thinking they were through. They soon realized their mistake and recently purchased a boat here in Grenada. They're headed for the Bahamas, United States and Europe. Tracy (3rd from the right) on the S/V Genesis has been crewing on boats in the states for 20 years. She and her husband have their own boat now and are offering charters in the Grenadines. Another Judy (2nd from the right) on S/V Veleda has been cruising for over 10 years spending several years in Europe. The stories are varied and interesting. Most of these women cannot picture themselves ever living on land again.

After lunch there was time for swimming and snorkling. These are shots of the beach taken from the Aquarium Restaurant.

I want to go back, this time with Jim so we can enjoy this beautiful spot together.

As an after note, we recieved many favorable comments both via e-mail and on our blog regarding our 2 year anniversary update. Thank you all. We're glad you enjoyed it.