Sunday, September 19, 2010


We just spent a wonderful week with our niece, Natalie.  We've never had a guest on board before because, hey, there's hardly room for us.  Our friends on Kajun Diva graciously offered to store our junk in one of their cabins so we could clear out the quarter berth for Natalie.  Once we emptied it out there was plenty of room, about 6 ft deep with plenty of width, one porthole and a fan for air.  Not bad!

The day before Natalie arrived I came down with the flu. I'll spare you the gory details.  Luckily it was a 24 hour bug and I was in good shape by the time she arrived.  Unfortunately I gave it to Jim who woke up with it her first day here.  So Natalie and I headed out on our scheduled island tour without him.  Sorry Jim.
We visited waterfalls, Rivers Rum Distillery, a nutmeg processing plant, beaches and saw a lot of the island.  It rained the entire day but that didn't slow us down.

My stomach wasn't ready for Rivers Rum so Natalie was on her own in the tasting room.  If I'm being perfectly honest, my stomach wouldn't have been ready for that rot-gut even if I hadn't just gotten over the flu!  That's nasty stuff!

Brave girl!

Whew!  Natalie said it burned for a long time.

The beach at La Sagesse.

Off to watch the Packer game at Bananas restaurant.
Packers 27 - Eagles 20
Go Pack!
Beach day at Grand Anse.  I enjoyed watching the Grenadian men hit on Natalie and beg for her phone number to no avail.  Hey, you can't blame them for trying.

Rum punch at the beach.  Not bad!

Back at Merengue where Natalie figured out the whole float in the water with a beer thing.
She catches on quickly!

Last day in paradise and we couldn't think of a better way to spend it then with a trip to the Aquarium restaurant for more beach time, snorkeling and dinner.  This is a gorgeous spot!

We have to confess to a few tears when Natalie headed off in the taxi for the airport.  We loved having her visit and look forward to the next time when Jim said she has to come for 2, no that was 4, I think he ended up at 7 weeks.