Saturday, November 27, 2010

An American Thanksgiving in Grenada

 Thursday was our 5th Thanksgiving away from our home port of Milwaukee.  We've been in 4 different countries in those 5 years and have celebrated with friends from our cruising family.  We've spent Thanksgiving in Beaufort, N.C., Puerto Rico, Grenada (2 times) and last year we were sailing from Bequia to St. Lucia.  With the exception of last year when we were sailing, we've always enjoyed a traditional feast.  Last year was probably tuna salad!  

Kim and Ricky at De Big Fish hosted a cruisers pot luck at their restaurant.  The restaurant sits in the north corner of Prickly Bay and is a favorite of the yachties. 

It's also where we leave our dinghy when we go shopping so it's a great place for a cold beer after the hot walk to town.  For the Thanksgiving dinner, De Big Fish staff cooked a turkey and two hams and the cruisers brought all the side dishes and desserts.

John (S/V Silver Seas) carving the ham.

Everyone rushed to get in line for the food.  There were more than 20 side dishes and almost as many desserts.  Everything was delicious.

More then 40 people from all around the world gathered for the celebration.

The captain eagerly awaiting the turkey and ham.  He even snitched a piece of ham while John was carving but because I failed to get a picture he denies it!

Lloyd and Val (S/V Puddle Jumper) who are from Toronto, Canada.

Colin and Sandy (S/V Papillon), our South African but more recently from New Zealand and Australia friends.

Yani (S/V Magus)

Colin decided he wasn't going to let that last scoop of potatoes with blue cheese go to waste.

 Many thanks to our friends at De Big Fish for giving us a memorable Thanksgiving.

You are the best!