Wednesday, December 22, 2010

'Tis the Season

It's Christmas in the Caribbean!
Christmas carols have been playing in the stores since early November, light displays adorn the businesses and holiday events are taking place around the islands.

 Santa loves the Caribbean and he can ditch the heavy red suit.
HoHoHo becomes YoHoHo and a bottle of rum!

We're glad to see that our home state is well represented in the local supermarkets.

 Check out the gift packs of Wisconsin cheese and sausage complete with 'You cheddar Not Pout, Crackers Toasting on an Open Fire and Tis the Sausage."

 A wreath to hang on the bow has become a tradition on Merengue.

 Making Bailey pose in embarrassing ways is another tradition!

 Home for the Holidays!

Wherever you spend the holiday, we hope it's a good one.
Merry Christmas from Grenada!