Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Fun with Orchid

Much of our time lately has been spent with friends, trying to fit in dinners and excursions before they head off to destinations north and west.  Matthew, Rachel, Alexander and Nicholas of the S/V Orchid came back to Prickly Bay to visit with all their friends before heading north through the islands.  Alexander and Nicholas received an early Christmas present, a Tinker sailing dinghy and I was looking forward to a ride. 

 Alexander picked me up for a cruise around Prickly Bay.

 Now this is sailing!

 When the wind died, Nicholas offered us tow.

 No Wind!  Time to put some muscle into it!

 Later Alexander stopped over to plant some seeds with Jim.  Both Alexander and Nicholas have been fascinated by the plants growing on Merengue (basil, cayenne peppers and a lemon tree all started from seeds).  They want to have a farm back in Australia when they grow up.  Here's Alexander selecting the seeds.....

 ......and planting them in the jelly-jars that Jim had filled with potting soil.  I know we'll be checking in with Alexander to see how things are growing.

There were many other fun events like dinners on Orchid and Merengue, lunch in town and bocce ball on the beach but we were having too much fun to stop and take pictures.

Alas, all good things must come to an end.  Orchid and crew sailed off a week ago to visit the islands up the chain.  They plan on crossing the Atlantic to spend some time in the Mediterranean before heading back through the Caribbean on their way back to Australia. 
Rachel, Matthew, Alexander and Nicolas - we are not saying goodbye, just see you later!  Miss you!