Friday, July 23, 2010

St. Lucia Carnival

So Many Islands!  So Many Carnivals!
This time we are celebrating in St. Lucia.

Waiting for the parade in a downpour.  Good thing I brought the umbrella.  I was planning on using it for shade!

We started watching the parade about a quarter of a mile from the start but the bands weren't too organized and most of the participants were just walking, not really performing.  They just weren't into it yet.

St. Lucian's enjoying the party.

Watching the parade from his art gallery.
When the bands pass by the music is deafening, pounding in your chest and ears.  This guy will have no hearing left by the end of the parade.

We decided to go farther in on the parade route and eventually things got moving.  Maybe they were more warmed up or maybe the alcohol was kicking in but we finally saw some action.

We kind of liked the sailor band.  Wonder why?

There were discarded pieces of costumes all along the parade route.  You'd think they would try to keep it together until they passed the judges but when you're partying, you just can't worry about those things.  The St. Lucia carnival makes 7 for us so far.  I wonder if we'll make it to Grenada in time for theirs?

The rain continued to fall for the next few days.  During one short break we decided to make a run for it and go get some pizza.  Here's Pat and Carol doing a drive-by with the umbrella up.  The good news was that we were able to collect enough rain water to fill our tank and jerry cans, about 60 gallons.  We like when the water comes to us and we don't have to go get it! 

Next stop, Bequia in the Grenadines.