Sunday, December 19, 2010

Papillon Sails Away

Last time we were saying goodbye to The Dunstan Family on the S/V Orchid.  Here we are enjoying pizza and ice cream at the Tiki Bar. 

 When cruisers arrive or leave Grenada they announce themselves on the VHF radio cruiser's net.  Alexander and Nicolas did one better when they left and read a poem.  We just received a copy and thought we would share it with you.  Merengue received a mention!

I'm afraid to say it's time to go. Will we be back? I don't believe so.

The med is calling, the Pacific too.
There are just so many places, so many things to do.

But it's been a wonderful chapter in the Orchid crew's life.
We've made so many friends here on this Island of Spice.

Silver Heels III as they took us for a run. (I'm sure they said a hash was supposed to be fun...)

Beachhouse's movies have kept the kids entertained.
Their search and rescue operations returned the Lilly crew safe.

Bocci at the Sandbar with Merengue was fun.
I think it's just an excuse though for Jim to drink Rum.

Papillon are great friends, they're dependable and true.
They don't much like computers, but fortunately we do.

Kamaloha, Xicale, Magnum and Free Spirit,
If there was an honor role of good yachties, they'd all be in it.

It's amazing to find so many in such a short time.
At least boats move so we need not leave them behind.

(Ha!  8 and 9 year olds have figured Jim out!)

 This week it was Colin and Sandy's turn (S/V Papillon).
They are headed to the ABC's, Cartegena, the San Blas Islands, Panama and then down through the Pacific to Australia.  They have a great adventure ahead of them!

 It's hard to say goodbye to the good friends we've made along the way.  It's the down-side to this transient lifestyle.
 The crews of Merengue and Papillon will stay in touch and hopefully connect again.  Who knows?  We've always wanted to visit Australia and with Orchid and Papillon living there we have twice the incentive!

Fair Winds Colin and Sandy!

(for all you boat enthusiasts out there Papillon is a South African built Monte Carlo 43)