Sunday, May 10, 2015

Paddle Boarding

A sport that we've been seeing more and more of in recent years is
Standing Up Paddleboarding or SUP.  
As a lover of all water activities I was curious to understand the attraction.

The University Club added 2 boards to their list of water sports that are 
available for us to use.  I already make use of the kayaks and enjoy 
paddling around Prickly Bay.

My friend Hope and I decided to give it a try.

Getting started.

Hope is a natural!

I've always heard that SUP is a great workout for your core, 
arms and legs and that seemed to be true.  
Before we knew it we were up and off!

My final review, I prefer to kayak.
You can more easily look around and take full advantage of your 
surroundings in a kayak.  It's more relaxing.  
And why would I want to stand when I can sit!
Did I mention that the kayak has a drink holder?