Sunday, October 19, 2008

Jacumba the Party Boat

"The Time Flies When You're Having Rum."
It was a cruising party on Jacumba!
Renee and Mike invited a group of friends for a day of cruising on board Jacumba, their 37' Island Spirit catamaran. Several people couldn't make it but as usual, the crew on Merengue and Whisper and Mike and Reneee's friend Lincus were in for the adventure.

Our destination was a snorkling site called The Statues where statues have been placed underwater. We had a beautiful sail there but arrived to find the visibility was only a few feet. Looks like things are still stirred up from the storms that past through the caribbean last week. The 7 of us swam all around the bay but we couldn't spot any of the statues. Oh well, back on deck for great food, drinks and music before setting sail back to Prickly Bay.

Renee, our beautiful and capable captain.

Kristin riding in the bow seat.
Hans cooling his heels at the stern.
A 37' catamaran has an incredible amount of space for everyone to move about and get comfortable.
Hans, Mike and Renee.

More "limin" on deck

Mike going for a drag behind Jacumba.

Spread out along the bow and settling all the worlds' problems!
Jim, Hans, Mike and Lincus.

Back in Prickly Bay we fired up the grill, pulled out the rest of the food and had a great dinner on board. It was a wonderful day! As often as we are on other peoples' boats we never go sailing with them. This was a first and we really had a great time. Thanks Mike and Renee!