Wednesday, April 22, 2009

More Friends in St. Martin

We love it when friends come to visit us. This time it was Angela, Jill and Jill's son Kyle.

Kyle storms the Bastille! Oops, it's just Fort Louis overlooking Marigot Bay.

There isn't much left of the fort but the view is beautiful!

A stop at the market for fresh fruit, bread, meats and cheeses, our favorite lunch.

A picnic on the terrace of the Hotel Beach Plaza.
Wendy, Kyle, Jill and Angela.

Kyle with some of the local kids.

This is what happens when an 11 year old hangs out with 4 adults. We buried him in the sand and stuck a coconut on his head!

The next morning we were off for a day of sailing when suddenly Kyle committed mutiny and took over the ship!

Actually, Kyle got his first lesson in steering and did a great job. We headed northeast towards Anguilla and then tacked back to Creole Rock near Grand Case for snorkeling, swimming and lunch.

Jill & Kyle's Great Adventure!

Jill and Kyle spent a morning at the Loterie Farm, an adventure park with zip-lining. They had to walk through the treetops on a tightrope, rope ladders, swinging logs and more and then zip-line down trough the canopy. Wendy and Jim followed along on the trails below. Wimps!

Here's Chester, one of the residents at Loterie Farm. He quickly lost interest in us once he realized we didn't have any food.

Then it was off to Orient Beach where Kyle hit the surf!

We had a great time with our friends. Thank you Angela, Jill and Kyle for spending your vacation with us. Who's next? Come on down, the weather's great!