Sunday, August 1, 2010

Back in Bequia

Last Monday we headed out of Rodney Bay, St. Lucia for the 18  mile sail to the Pitons where we would spend the night before heading out on the long sail to Bequia in the Grenadines.  We've seen the Pitons many times now but are still always struck by their beauty.  While moored between the Pitons we saw something we've never seen before.  I guess you would call it a moonbow, a rainbow at night.  It was incredible!  The colors were very muted but the arch was definite.  Jim tried to get a picture but even on a manual setting his digital camera wouldn't take the picture.  It was too confused and didn't know what to focus on in the dark sky.  I wish we could show it to you.  Another new surprise from Mother Nature!

We said goodbye to Pat and Carol on S/V Songbird who we had been traveling with since St. Martin.  They stayed in Rodney Bay awaiting the delivery of a boat part. They also wanted to move in to the marina for a few days to attend to a few boat projects.  Can you say air conditioning and cable T.V.?  They may never want to leave!  We felt like it was time to move further south.  The forecast was wrong again.  No wind on the windward side of St. Vincent and pouring rain for part of the trip.  We arrived in Bequia after dark, too tired and disinterested to even fix dinner.  This has been a strange year, certainly very different then last year.  We just aren't getting the nice sailing.  Things seem too unsettled.

Bequia is a wonderful, quiet haven after the noise and activity in Rodney Bay.  I'm glad  we moved when we did because since then the weather has been rainy.  Everyday brings showers, thunder and lightening.  We are currently (along with every other cruiser in the Caribbean) watching the weather reports as a huge tropical wave moves across the eastern Atlantic.  It is located about 850 miles SW of the Cape Verde Islands and looks like it will develop into a tropical storm by mid-week.  It should pass through the Windward islands well north of us but we wait and watch.  Predictions are that this will be hurricane Colin by next weekend.  Florida - Heads Up!
Stay safe everyone!