Sunday, January 8, 2012

Whew! What a Happy Holiday!

To say that I am a little late in telling you about our holiday is an understatement!
To say that we have been VERY busy and have not had time is not an exaggeration!
Christmas day was spent with our good friends John and Linda on S/V Kool Kat, a beautiful Leopard 47 catamaran.

 Wendy and Linda......

Steve and Hope (S/V Starshine, an Island Packet 37), John and Wendy......

and Rikky and his mom Garda who was visiting from Jersey in the Channel Islands.
Yes, Jim was there too but as usual he manged to take pictures and not have his taken.

Ahhhhh, Christmas in the islands!

There was lots of great food, mimosas, bloody Mary's, wine, oh you get the picture.  The typical holiday overindulgence!  It was great!  Thank you John and Linda for a wonderful day!

 Two days later and it was time for more food and fun at De Big Fish's Pot Luck and Music Jam.

 Linda and I helped with the organizing by making announcements on the morning cruiser's radio net, taking reservations and organizing the food and lists of performers.

More then 100 people attended bringing with them lots of great food and musical talent.

 de Big Fish staff singing Bob Marley's "One Love."

You don't see this everyday, at least not in the northern hemisphere.  This cruiser is playing a didgeridoo.

The music jam was a huge success, the highlight of the season.  Thanks to de Big Fish for the great venue.

News Year Eve and we were back at de Big Fish for their annual party.
The sun hasn't even set and we're ready to party!

John, Lorna and Jim.

Wendy, Kim and Linda.

Larry and Jan (S/V Sea Bear)

Steve and Hope

Because they recognize that cruisers rarely stay out late, de Big Fish celebrates the new year at midnight GMT. They had the countdown from London, England playing on the big screen and we were all celebrating at 8:00 p.m. local time!  This is great for cruisers who like to be in bed by cruiser's midnight, 9 P.M!
However, our happy group headed out to Sea Bear for more drinks and to await the midnight fireworks over the bay.  We no sooner headed out in our dinghies when it started to rain.

So much for dressing up and trying to look good!  We arrived soggy but happy. 
Ahhhh, life on the sea!

In between the holidays were numerous happy hours and dinners with friends and lots of football.  We've been able to watch several Green Bay Packer games as well as the Wisconsin Badgers in the Rose Bowl.  This was the before picture.  There wasn't a happy after picture.  Oregon 45-Wisconsin 38 in the highest scoring Rose Bowl ever.  More football fun to come as the Packers head into the playoffs.