Wednesday, May 22, 2013

On the Hard - Part 2

 Merengue has been on the hard for a month and the projects continue.
Here is the new, plastic fuel tank we had fabricated in Maine and shipped to Grenada.

Fuel tank in place and ready to have the hoses attached.
Prepping the teak for Cetol is a long, tedious job.
We think it's worth the effort when the teak shines like this again.

We've been staying in an apartment and thought we'd give you a tour of our accommodations.
There are many apartment complexes in the south of Grenada and the residents are primarily students at St. George's University.  We are staying at the Grenada Gold Apartments which is only a half mile from the boat yard.  The apartments are really nice and the staff is great.

 Our apartment is on the third floor and opens on to this large deck which we usually have all to ourselves.  It's a great place to have dinner and enjoy the breeze.

Seating area with flat screen TV to the right and kitchen to the left.

The bedroom has lots of windows and a door that opens on to a small deck.
 "Mutt" is the resident watchdog and our new best friend.
It might have something to do with the dog treats we give him.

"Tom" is the resident cat who jumps up on the windowsill to say hi.
He wasn't too fond of eating dog treats (how did he know they were for dogs?) but loved the pizza crust I gave him.
 We've been working very hard so we decided to take an afternoon off and walk to a beach that we hadn't been to before.  The beach is Morne Rouge, home of the beautiful La Luna Resort.

This would be a beautiful location for you to stay if you came to visit us. (hint, hint!)