Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bequia, Grenadines

We've been in Bequia for the past 9 days, enjoying the beauty of one of our favorite places in the Caribbean.
We had planned to stay a few days but Bequia has a way of taking hold of you and not letting go.
Perhaps it's the crystal-clear water, like floating in a swimming pool.

Perhaps it's the picturesque town of Port Elizabeth, the green hillside dotted with pretty tropical homes or the great snorkeling right from the boat.  It's all of those things.  It's especially nice in the off-season when it's quiet.  There are fewer boats then in the winter months.  Most cruising boats have already moved on to Trinidad or Grenada, planning their cruising year by the insurance company calendars.  We understand, we did that too our first year down here.  Now we know that we can play around in the Grenadines in the summer while we keep one eye on the weather.  We are only a day away from Grenada. 

We'll move on tomorrow to spend a few more days visiting some favorite places.
Until next time Beautiful Bequia!