Monday, January 24, 2011

Wining, Dining and Having Fun!

Whew, we thought things were supposed to wind down after New Years.
Not in Prickly Bay, Grenada where the fun continues.
There continues to be live music at De Big Fish with special dinner nights featuring pig roasts or paella.  Whisper Cove had a great night of live music and tapas.  Of course we could just say no and stay home but who can resist the temptation.  Add to that a great group of friends and we are having lots of fun!

Kim and Rikky invited us to their home overlooking Prickly Bay for a pot luck dinner.
The theme was "bring food that is from where you come from."  Our group hailed from Trinidad, England, Jersey (Channel Islands), Canada and the States (Louisiana, Texas, Iowa and Wisconsin).  The meal included enchiladas, ribs, gumbo, beef roast with potatoes, Yorkshire pudding and trifle for dessert.  When you think of Milwaukee, you think Beer, Brats and Cheese.  We couldn't find any Wisconsin brew but we did find Wisconsin sausages and a good assortment of cheese.

 That's Jessie pleading with Greg to drop just a little please!

 Captain Jack saying, "Throw a little my way!"

Thanks to our hosts for a great time!

 The Grenada National Museum in St. George's showcases local entertainment every Friday night. 

 We attended this past Friday and were treated to steel pan music, poetry reading, guitar playing and the most amazing group of drummers.

 The face painting was beautiful, the music incredible.

If you think all we do is play... are some of the projects we've tackled since being in Grenada:
Replaced the VHF radio and antenna, masthead light, wind indicator, Skymate system and cabin light that were all fried in the lightening strike.  Replaced a faulty cabin fan, electrical panel light and bilge pump float switch.  Repaired our bimini. Installed a new cord to power our GPS.  Oiled the interior teak.  Scrubbed the boat bottom numerous times!  Last week we took apart the winches to clean and grease them for another year.  That's the definition of cruising:
Boat Maintenance in Exotic Locations!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

It's a New Year!

Happy New Year Everyone!
I know we are a few days late with our best wishes but it's been a busy holiday season in Grenada.
We are exhausted!
In the weeks around Christmas and New Years we were out listening to music, eating great food and celebrating with friends.  There is so much to do here!

 We've been listening to jazz, blues, rock, reggae and a Christmas concert.  Here's Doc Adams leading a jam session on Boxing Day.  More then 25 locals and cruisers showed up to perform.
 All the music was great, all the events a lot of fun!

So what's in store for Merengue and her crew in the new year?
Well, for the first time in over 4 years we don't have any plans.
None, nada, zip!
Even in paradise you have to do mundane things like go the dentist and I have appointments that will keep us in Grenada until mid-February.  Then we'll see.  No deadlines to meet, no schedule to keep.
That is kind of the point of this lifestyle, isn't it?