Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hurricane Sandy. In Milwaukee?

 This week, Hurricane Sandy devastated cities along the east-coast of the United States.
Millions of people are without power, many have lost their homes and the death-toll continues to rise.
Our thoughts are with them all.

Living aboard a sailboat has taught us to never underestimate the power of Mother Nature.  We live by the weather reports and where we go and what we do is determined by the predictions.

Milwaukee sits on the western shore of Lake Michigan and as we "cut our teeth" sailing on the Great Lakes we know how dangerous they can be.  It's 747 miles from New York City to Milwaukee and yet we were feeling the effects of Hurricane Sandy.  Beachfront properties along the lakefront were filling sandbags and people turned out in droves to watch what Sandy created on Lake Michigan.  The weather buoy off of Milwaukee reported a 21.7 ft. wave at the peak of the storm.  

These are waves cascading over the break-wall at South Shore marina where we used to moor Merengue when we lived here.  I'll bet these boat owners are sorry they decided to leave their boats in a little later this year!

Hopefully this will be the last for this hurricane season.
Meanwhile, Merengue sits in 80 degree water in Grenada waiting for our return.