Tuesday, May 11, 2010

St. Thomas Carnival 2010

Bacchanal Again in 2010!

This is the theme for the 2010 St. Thomas Carnival.
According to Webster's Dictionary Bacchanal is "a drunken orgy."  I going to guess that through the years the word Bacchanal has become synonymous with carnival and is meant to mean a great party but then who am I to argue with Webster's.

The Virgin Islands loves pageants and the first part of the parade was all Kings, Queens and Princesses.
This is the 2010 Carnival Queen.

2010 Miss Photogenic

Miss Virgin Islands

Miss St. Croix High School

Looking a little bored.
The problem with this parade is that there were long gaps between the groups, sometimes as long as 15 minutes.  There was a definite American feel to the festivities.  People arrived early to stake out a spot along the parade route setting up chairs, umbrellas, coolers, even some barbecue grills.  I guess they knew about the long delays and were making themselves comfortable for the day. 
Double-deck trucks carried steel drum bands.
This young group proudly displayed their creed.

Mocko Jumbie Stilt Walkers are a favorite.

By this time we were starting to feel like this lady, a little tired of waiting.  What we saw was great but 4 hours of standing in the hot sun was starting to take it's toll.  We called it quits.  Later that night we were treated to a fabulous fireworks display over Charlotte Amalie Harbor.