Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Fun with Orchid

The main reason for heading to St. Martin this year was to catch up with Orchid and crew before they left for their Atlantic crossing.  This Australian family of four will be exploring the Mediteranean for the next year or so.  We met up in St. Barth's. 

Here they come, heading in past the mega-yacht.

 Alexander and Nicholas did a great job of grabbing the mooring ball and securing Orchid.
It must be nice having crew!

 Nicholas (age 8) jumped in the water and swam over to greet us.

 A moment later, Alexander (age 9) appeared via dinghy.

 These two kids can climb the mast and forestay like a couple of monkeys!  No bosun chair for them.

I'm trying to get my fill of snuggles before they head off but it's never enough.

 Time to sail to St. Martin.  Alexander and Nicholas came along as crew onboard Merengue.

Alexander at the helm.

 Nicholas takes a turn at the helm.

 Here's Merengue under a full mainsail and reefed genoa and still going over 6 knots.  I think we surprised Orchid with our speed!  Of course this picture was taken by Rachel as they passed us by!  We look rather small in this picture and we are accustomed to being the smallest yacht in most harbors but if you really want to feel small........

.....sail past one of the mega-yachts!  This is Merengue cruising past one of the big-boys!

St. Martin will be our base until June while Wendy flys to Milwaukee to visit.  Jim will be staying with Bailey and Merengue and contining to enjoy the beaches, baguettes and brie!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Carnival in Les Saintes

Our short visit to Les Saintes happened to correspond with carnival.  Carnival on this small island is very different then those we've seen on other islands.  It's more about family and a lot less skin.  
The participants were primarily school-age girls in floral costumes in keeping with this years theme, a Tropical Garden.  Many of the children watching the parade were also in costume. 

 We are not sure what these were.  Garbage piles?  Compost?  No, that's an ax in his head.

U.S. President Barak Obama with French President Nicolas Sarkozy.

Great view of the parade from above.

The photographer in action.  Hope you enjoyed le Carnival!