Sunday, February 1, 2015

Back Home to Grenada

We have finally arrived in Grenada after much too long away.
It feels so good to be back home on Merengue.

We arrived late so we opted for a room at
the University Club for the night.
Plenty of time to tackle opening up the boat in the morning.
I opened my eyes the next morning to the outline of palm trees through the drapes.
I remember letting out a long, contented sigh.
The view of Prickly Bay from the balcony was just as I had
remembered it so many times over the months we were away.
Merengue was waiting for us just on the other side.

Our friend Hope arrives to provide water taxi service to our boat.
First days' to-do list: get dinghy in the water, engine on dinghy and get fuel. 
We have to have transportation.
Put dodger and bimini on the boat so we have shade. 
Unpack all the bags of linens, towels and clothes that I store in plastic with dryer sheets and stow them in their respective lockers.
Make-up the bed.  Drink plenty of water and acclimate to the heat.  Then it was back to the University Club for a swim, shower, dinner and a good nights sleep.

Sunset from the balcony.