Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Splicing an Eye

The first step in doing any boat project is finding the proper tools.
That means completely emptying the lazarette because they are always on the bottom.

One hour later I find the tool.

Using a splicing needle to splice a shackle into a halyard.

The core in this line (Marlowbraid) is slippery and difficult to work with. I use a slevagee hitch (the red line) to get a grip on it.

It requires a great deal of pressure to pull the needle and core through the braided cover. One end of the line is connected to a winch and the other to a cleat. Start cranking!

Work the last bit of core manually and

there it is.

Finished and it only took a few hours.

Then there are a few other projects.

Finding and double patching 3 dinghy leaks that mysteriously showed up one day.

Checking the fresh water impeller and greasing it before its first use of the season.

The only access to check the oil levels on the dipstick.