Saturday, November 19, 2011

Sophie's Sojourn

Yahoo!  Another niece!
We have 2 you know!
Sophie came to visit us in Grenada, her first time in the Caribbean.

 The first day begins with a noodle-float in the ocean.  It's a great way to begin a vacation!

 Celebrating Jim's birthday with friends at De Big Fish Restaurant.

 Sophie and Jim

Sophie and Wendy

Jim and Sophie doing a little cooking together.

 It's thirsty work!  Just a little sip as this is 15 year old El Dorado rum.

 The result of their effort was a delicious chicken curry with breadfruit.

 Beach day at the Aquarium restaurant on Magazine Beach.

 The surf was really big so we had to skip the snorkeling.  Instead we ate......


drank some more......

and hung out on the beach.

 Island tour time with our guide and friend, Cutty.

 Cutty always teaches us about the local plants.  This are cocoa pods.

 Annandale Falls

River's Rum Distillery

 Rivers is the oldest working, water-driven distillery in the Caribbean established in 1785.....

 ...thus the old pictures.  Oh wait, cameras hadn't been invented in 1785!

 Tasting the overproof rum.  All smiles, Sophie's ready!

 Oh, that's rough!

 What is this stuff?  Look at Jim thinking "I got her!"

 Oh, there's the burn!  Will I ever feel my throat again?

Cutty's favorite neighborhood rum shop.  We stopped for a cold beer on the way home.

 Another beach day.  You can't have too many! 
This is the view looking out from Umbrella's Restaurant on Grand Anse Beach.

 Our waitress strikes a pose for the camera.

Not to be outdone, Sophie strikes a pose of her own!
We loved having you here sweetie.  Come back soon!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Ghosts, Goblins and a Scuba Diver?

Halloween in the Caribbean is like everywhere else.  It starts with the kids looking for treats.
Only here they appear in dinghies.

Then the grown-ups get into it.  It's one of the few days each year you can act like a kid!

 Rikky announcing the costume contest winners.

 Oops!  This is Rikky!

Hope wins first prize for her scuba diver costume and for keeping it on all night in the tropical heat!

Another great party at De Big Fish!