Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Friends in St. Martin

St. Martin is always fun, but even more so when friends come to visit and share the experience with us. St. Martin seems to be a favorite destination. Last year it was Mike and Marcia from Milwaukee. This year it was Muff and Reed from Rochester, MN. Hmmmm, are they really coming to see us or to escape winter in the Midwest? Probably a little of both. We're just happy when friends spend their vacation with us. Their first day was cloudy, rainy and COLD! We haven’t had a day like this in months. By evening we all had to put on jackets, the first time we’ve done that since Florida in February 2007!
Jim was sitting at the helm and it kept raining in on him. Think the goggles help?
Enjoying the evening and watching the boat parade at the Sint Maarten Yacht Club.

Muff and Reed enjoying the view from the bow. To be honest, they were just trying to dry off in the breeze. It was a wet ride in the dinghy!

We had a great time touring the island, hanging out at the beach, eating at the restaurants and just spending evenings on Merengue. The week went by way too fast and I’ll admit to shedding a few tears when they left. We always have a great time together! Now we are counting the days until more friends come to visit in April. Jill and Kyle, only 2 weeks to go!