Saturday, January 19, 2008

Culebra, the Spanish Virgins

Hi from Culebra, one of the Spanish Virgins. We arrived 2 weeks ago and have been thoroughly enjoying our time here. It has the essentials that cruisers look for; protected anchorages, markets for provisioning, internet, etc and all on a beautiful little island.
Our depth sounder hasn't been working and was sent back to the states for repair while we were in Vieques. So here's Jim doing it the old fashioned way, with a lead line. Thanks to our friend Reed for making it for us. I inched the boat up into the anchorage and Jim measured the depth. Merengue has a shallow draft that allows us to go places many sailboats can't.

This sign sums up the feeling in Culebra. Very laid Back! It doesn't have the down island feel you'll find farther down in the Caribbean because after all, it is part of the U.S. and very Americanized. But there aren't big resorts and fast food restaurants to take away from the small-town charm.
We rented a jeep for a day to explore the island which is only 7 miles long. Here's some shots of the beaches of Culebra....... Zoni Beach

Tamarindo Beach
View from a hilltop road with Puerto Rico on the horizon.

Carlos Rosario Beach

Flamenco Beach
We are currently anchored behind a reef that is just outside the main harbor. We just calculated and have traveled almost 4,100 N.M. since leaving Milwaukee. And small world, the sailboat anchored next to us is from Traverse City, MI. Another Great Lakes sailor!
The wind is over 20 knots and the seas outside are up so no snorkeling and no heading to other islands. Oh well, guess we'll just have to hang out here for a few more days:)

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  1. What a amazing life you have now ! We LOVE to see your postings, thank you for sharing the views, including maps, and your willingness to educate us landlubbers on cruising issues you face. If I may be so bold to make a suggestion or two: it would be interesting to hear where some of your friends came from, where you are headed, if you can say, and how can Wendy continue to look so fabulous and well-dressed ?!? ~Ann Szeflinski, former coworker of Wendy