Monday, October 20, 2008

Sailing with Whisper

Just 2 days after our sail on Jacumba and we're out again, this time on Whisper. Hans and Kristen thought that Mike and Renee should get to experience mono-hull sailing so off we all went. Whisper is a 27' Albin Vega and boy is she sweet! I took the tiller for a while and thoroughly enjoyed stearing her through the waves. I'm not sure everyone else enjoyed it because I did manage to splash them a few times. Guess I've lost my touch. I haven't steered with a tiller since we sold our Catalina 22.
Kristin adjusting the sail.

kitkat (Whisper's kitty) looking less than interested in our adventure.

Mike takes a turn at the tiller.
Wendy and Renee enjoying the day.

Another fun day of sailing. Merengue's starting to feel the pressure! We might have to pull up that anchor and take everyone sailing!
On another note, we've had some inquiries regarding Jim's shoulder. He still can't lift his arm over his head. He can't even lift a fork to his mouth. He bends to meet the food half way. However, he has improved and has less pain. He probably has a tear. He says this because he knows what it feels like as he has injured this shoulder before. So he knows that he has months of recuperation ahead of him. He thanks everyone for their concern. He hasn't learned to eat with his left hand but interestingly enough he can drink left-handed!

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