Monday, November 24, 2008

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

We thought it would never stop raining! It was starting to feel like there might be biblical implications! Good thing we live on a boat. What was happening here? It started on a Friday night with a torrential downpour and continued off and on (mostly on) for the next 4 days.

The good thing about a heavy rain is that we can catch a lot of rainwater to fill our water tank and jerry cans. It comes streaming off the bimini where we catch it in buckets and then transfer it to our jerry cans. We could hardly keep up as they were filling up fast! It also runs down our foredeck to the intake for the water tank. Leave the cap off and create a barricade with a clean towel and the tanks fill quite nicely. It sure beats having to lug the jerry cans from the marina. And it's free!

On Wednesday we got a break from the rain and it was fun watching the dinghies racing across the harbor. The dinghy docks were jammed full! I think there was more than just a little cabin fever going on! The break was short lived. The rain returned again on Thursday.
The weekend brought great weather again. Our friends Scott and Sue invited us out for a day sail aboard their 40 ft. Endeavor "Eene Marie." Joe and Becky (Half Moon) came along. It was a beautiful day with about 10 knots of wind and calm seas.

Jim and Joe do a little supervising while Scott pulls up the anchor. Without a windless, it's a tough job.

Scott raises the main.

Wendy trims a sheet.

Becky, Sue and Wendy.

Sailor Sue's telling a story.

Scott watches while Jim takes a turn at the wheel.

Back at anchor in Prickly Bay. Grab a drink and your noodle, it's time for a swim. Lynn and Randy (High States) joined us for a dip. It was a great day doing what we like best, sailing and hanging out with friends.

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