Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas Craft Fair

Early morning and Bailey wakes us up. That either means my food bowl is empty or wake up and give me some attention. Luckily, we can just reach up over our head and open the screen in the hatch so she can jump out and explore on deck. But this morning she just kept staring in at us. Did you know you can't sleep when someone (or some cat) is staring at you!
Saturday was the Christmas Craft Fair at the True Blue Bay Resort just one bay over from where we are. We walked over in the morning and browsed through the clothing, jewelry, decorative items and baked goods that were on display. We saw all kinds of things we'd like to buy if we were still living in a house. It's easy to resist when you live on a boat. You just don't need more stuff.
Scott and Sue (Eene Marie) had a booth at the fair. Sue was selling cards and calendars that feature her photography and Scott was selling his book "The Why Book of Sailing". Hey Christmas shoppers, Scott's book is available on

Lunch with Peter and Eileen (Appleseeds). We first met Peter and Eileen in Bimini, Bahamas back in March 2007 and just recently met up again here in Grenada.

Music while we dine. The band played a medley of Christmas carols with an island beat. People were actually dancing to Silent Night, O Holy Night and more. Only in the islands!
Check out the sound on the video below.

Back on Merengue and Bailey supervises while Jim peels a breadfruit. We're having one of Jim's great curry dishes for dinner! Can't wait.

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  1. I read your article in Blue Water Sailing last night. Very interesting.
    I'm an out of the water Great Lakes Sailor and I follow some blogs in the winter to keep me sane. Thanks for your efforts.

    Terry in Michigan