Friday, April 10, 2009

Boat, Baguettes and Bailey

Life in the Caribbean is not all rum punch and sunsets! There's always work to be done on a boat. We've been making good use of the time between our friends visits to get some boat projects done. We oiled the interior teak, took the cockpit shade in for repair and have finally tackled the exterior teak. Back in Milwaukee, we would put a fresh coat of Cetol on the teak each year. But in the rush of selling our house and getting the boat ready to leave, we just didn't have time. It didn't take long for the tropical sun to take it's toll on the wood. Many people told us to just let it go grey but we're not ready for that. We think Merengue's a beautiful boat that deserves glossy wood on deck.
Here's the before and after pictures of the bowsprit.
It's worth every ache in our backs to see it looking this way again. We have 3 coats on already and hope to put on a few more soon.

We told you previously that we've been spending lots of time in restaurants that provide WiFi while we get our computer up and running again. Here's Jim in our favorite internet spot in Marigot. Great baquettes, pastries and free internet!

While Jim was downloading programs, I took a walk around Marigot and shot a few pictures of one of my favorite cities in the Caribbean.

One of the more picturesque restaurants in Marigot.

The main street, opposite the waterfront.

The waterfront along Marigot Bay.

Shopping area near the waterfront.

The colorful marketplace in Marigot.

Fruit and vegetable stalls at the waterfront.

We'd been spending so much time away from the boat that Bailey was starting to object.
We call this one "I had a few friends over for a party while you were gone."
Bailey said, "What mouse?"

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