Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Island Life

We often get questions about how we spend our time, especially during hurricane season when we stay in one place for months. Any location that has a large number of cruisers like Grenada has no shortage of activities.
A trip in to St. George's for boat parts is always better if you stop for lunch. We find it lessens the pain of all the spending we do at marine stores, hardware stores, etc. The restaurant on this trip was the Horni Baboon at the Lazy Lagoon.

A week ago we joined other cruisers at an auction that was held to benefit the Mount Airy Young Readers Program. Here's Chris, the skipper of Verna Breeze acting as auctioneer. The proceeds of the auction will buy books and supplies for the tutoring program that many of the cruisers volunteer their time for. They tutor the kids once a week in English, reading and math.

Hanging out with friends while we wait for the auction to begin.

Ray (S/V Highthawk) and Jim hamming it up for the camera.

There were even a few pirates there to rob us of our loose change. The auction, which was totally organized by cruisers raised over $2500 U.S. dollars!
There are lots of weekly events to take advantage of if one feels so inclined.
Sunday - dominoes at Clark's Court Bay Marina and barbecue at Roger's Beach Bar.
Wednesday - Burger Night at Clark's Court.
Saturday - Potluck at Clark's Court
Happy Hours at all the bars often with live music. We went to De Big Fish for pizza and to listen to the blues on Saturday.
Add to that the occasional swap meet, special tours and events and there's lots to keep you busy.
The best event of the past week was the celebration of our 30th Wedding Anniversary on October 13th. We started the day with chocolate croissants and mimosas. That evening we had a wonderful dinner at the Dodgy Dock Restaurant at the True Blue Bay Resort. I planned to take pictures as we were all dressed up for a change but arrived at the restaurant with a dead camera battery. Nuts! You'll just have to use your imagination. Trust me, we were gorgeous!


  1. you were on TV. Mr. Demille it was time for your close up. woo hoo, catching my sister on the tube!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Love you, come back soon


  2. That last photo had my friend and I salivating while at work! I can't think of too many things better than Nutella croissants and mimosas for breakfast. Yum num num! ;)
    And Happy (Belated) Anniversary to you both! You two continue to be such an inspiration and your relationship a shining example of what marriage can be. I miss you so so much and stay safe.

    Lots of love,
    Sophie xxx