Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Figurehead

The figurehead embodied the spirit of a ship and was originally believed to placate the gods of the sea and ensure a safe voyage. Almost every prow had a carved figure looking down at the waves, and the variety was immense. Today they are a decorative reminder of the bygone days of sailing ships.
Figureheads were often the likeness of a beautiful woman.  We saw this figurehead from the "Britannia" in a
museum in Nelson's Dockyard in Antigua.

We've always had an appreciation for the artistic beauty of figureheads on the great ships.  So when we spotted this one on a yacht in St. Martin, we were anxious to get a closer look.

She is a mermaid, graceful and .....

... Yikes!  Scary!!!
What's with the devil eyes and the real hair?
She looks like the little mermaid before she went into anger management therapy.
I think maybe Merengue is better off without a figurehead.


  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! This had me cracking up! As I would say, "Eeeww! CREEPER!"

    Wish I was heading your way next week with the rest of the crew. Natalie started describing the "villa" (as she called it) where they'll be staying and I told her she had to shut up immediately, as I couldn't handle it. Grrrrrr. But believe me, I'll be there in spirit. :)

    Love you both very very much and thanks for making me laugh.


  2. Hey! That looks like me in the morning! Well, maybe this figurehead scares the gods into providing safe passage...