Thursday, March 18, 2010

Connie, Bill and Natalie's Excellent Adventure!

More than 2 weeks without internet! Yikes, we feel so disconnected!
So we are finally showing you pictures of Connie (Wendy's sister o' sister), brother-in-law Bill and Natalie (brother Mike's daughter) during their recent visit to see us in St. Martin. It was so great!
They rented a villa overlooking Oyster Pond and we spent much of our time hanging out at the pool....

and hanging out by the pool......

...and hanging out by the pool, well you get the idea.
Jim has been collecting local beers from all of the islands so that Bill and Natalie could take a beer tour of the Caribbean.
We did manage to drag ourselves away from the pool for a trip to Friar's Bay, a beautiful little beach on the north-side of the island.
Jim, Bill & Natalie hiked to Happy Bay, about a 20 minute walk over the hill.
Back at the villa and we decided to hike up the hill to take in the view.
We bought about a 5 gallon jar of cheese balls at the Cost's U Less and Natalie decided it would provide us with much needed nurishment on the hike.  Who needs water and trail mix when you have cheese balls!  We finally ate the last of them 3 weeks later!
Off to the street festival in Grand Case.  The street is blocked off and artist's and vendors display their wares.  There's music and food too.
Can't resist buying a little something.
Bill & Connie.

Jim, Wendy & Natalie.
The view towards Orient Bay.

Fun at Orient Beach.  Yes, we all kept our clothes on!
We talked Natalie into Parasailing.  It took lots of talking and a little alcohol but she was convinced if I went with her.  I parasailed once before but that was when I was her age.  Time to go again!
Lift off! 
Up, up and away!
Jet ski ride back to shore....

.. and we did it.  Very cool!
We had such a good time with Connie, Bill and Natalie.  There's already talk about next year!
Hope so.  We love you guys!


  1. awesome. maybe sooner

    Love ya sis


  2. Wow! That was a lot of action! The parasailing looked fun. Looks like while we were spending all our time at the pool, so were you! Yeah right, Jim was collecting beers for the guests? Um hmmm...

  3. Looks like such a great time w/Connie, Bill & Natalie. So glad you all had the chance to just hang out. Can't replace those times.