Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Domino Duel!

The Domino Duel has finally arrived!  It's been more then a year since Mike, Renee, Jim and I played together.  Jim lost that game and the Dunce Hat moved from Jacumba to Merengue.  We played at Mike and Renee's house.  Renee said if we lost we'd probably use the excuse that we couldn't play if we weren't on a boat.  Hmmmm.....she might be right.
Each new loser has to add some decoration to the hat.  Jim added a tassel made from beer caps collected from Caribbean bears.  Very festive and it jingles!

Jim jumped out to an early lead.  Maybe the beer caps are lucky?

Here's Mike putting a double-twelve curse on Jim.
Everyone was gunning for me as I was the only one who hadn't lost up until now.  Just look at all the points they stuck me with this time!

Jim jingling the caps for luck and Renee plugging her ears.

Yes, I lost!  Actually they murdered me!  I had 561 points.  Jim only had 188.  The Dunce Hat stays on Merengue.
Jack & Zura watched the action.  I think they think we're nuts!  Animals are very wise!

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