Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Jardin Botanique Deshaies

Le Jardin Botanique Deshaies.
The Deshaies Botanical Garden.
This is one of the most beautiful gardens we've toured in the Caribbean, not to be missed if you are visiting Guadeloupe.

The welcome center opens on to a beautiful Koi Pond.

Even the fretwork on the building has been designed to reflect the garden's name, Le Papilion, the Butterfly.

Feeding the Koi.  It's a feeding frenzy when the food shows up!

What you looking at!

A beautiful old tree with a trunk that looked like a sculpture.

The photographer at work.

There is an aviary where you can feed the Swainson loriquets.

Quit hogging the syrup!

Magnificent colors!

This visitor was surprised and delighted when the loriquet decided to ride on top!

These three were rolling around on the ground.  Love the one on the right with his feet in the air....

...and holding a red flower in his beak.
Now say with a Pepe Le Pew French accent, "Baby, I pick zee flower for you."

Banyan Tree

Flowers and air ferns grow on the branches of trees.

Here's a small sample of the flowers in the garden.

Red Ginger

Ornamental Pink Bananas

Water Lily


Shrimp plant

The Kashmir Bouquet

Torch Ginger

The Torch Ginger towers over my head!

Walking the grounds...

Restaurant above the waterfall.

Flamingos catch a one-footed nap.

Yawn, stretch, boy that feels good!

Au revoir de Guadeloupe!


  1. Wonderful to see this beautiful spot through your eyes. Guadeloupe is very much on our radar for the next foray north. We didn't see enough of it on the way down last year. On the flight up to Toronto last week, the only island I recognized from the air was Guadeloupe - the butterfly. Looking forward to seeing you in September in Grenada.
    Pat and Geoff
    s/v Beach House

  2. Wow! How in the heck did we miss THAT? Great pictures and the bird on its back with the flower (and applied accent) was funny. We didn't have much to recommend on that island really, but we will definitely put this one on our list. Can't wait to see hear about your Alexis tour in Dominica!

  3. Becky n Joe from Half MoonJuly 4, 2010 at 6:01 PM

    This is my favorite garden so far in the islands. Really amazing planning and execution. Think I can get a job there? Hey, we could apply together in 2011! As usual, wonderful pictures ya'll.