Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Storms, Sharks and Sewing

We know it's been awhile since we last updated the blog.  Internet connections have been few and far between lately as we cruise around the Grenadines.

We've been busy sewing a canopy to shade the bow,

running from sharks.....

and dodging waterspouts.  It's exhausting work but someone has to do it!

Actually, that was Willena on the S/V Kajun Diva doing the sewing and she did a beautiful job.  We now have a great sunshade/rain shield/ rain catcher.  It's working great.  No more opening and closing the hatch every time it sprinkles.  Thanks Willena!

The Grenadines have been beautiful and we hope to share some pictures with you very soon.  Today we'll clear customs on Union Island and clear in at Carriacou.  We're going to hang out at Sandy Island and do some snorkeling before moving on to Grenada.  We can see Grenada in the distance.  It's beckoning. 


  1. Of course you know I love your blog updates. I have them on my google reader, which I check every day, so I often read the blog mere minutes or just hours after a new posting. But, when there is a long gap in postings I think: "dang it, when will Merengue post again? It's been so long, where are they, what are they doing? Wait, I know the answer to that. They're having fun. That's why they're not posting!"

    Okay, fine, don't post very often. I can handle it. ;)

  2. We have enjoyed following your blog and recently read your posting on Kajun Diva and Willena. We met Greg & Willena on our first sailing adventure to The Bahamas in 2007. Please give them our love. We are Rich & Margaret Escoffery s/v Dance Aweigh.
    We plan on leaving Marco Island, FL in November and will be heading all the way to Trinidad. Maybe we'll meet along the way.