Thursday, March 1, 2012

Dinghy Concert

Last week was the South Grenada Regatta, a long weekend of racing and partying
 out of Le Phare Bleu Marina.  To kick-off the event, the resort/marina held a dinghy concert in Clark's Court Bay.  

A large barge or pontoon was anchored in the bay with a tug-boat rafted up to it.  The pontoon held the bar and seating for the audience.  The aft deck of the tug-boat was the stage for the band.

 A water-taxi ride out to the concert for those of us who couldn't come by dinghy.  We are anchored in Prickly Bay, several miles to the west so we came by land and then by sea.

You gotta love a floating bar!  Two cold Caribs please.

 The band was from Switzerland and is called "the Rocking Pontoons" when they play at the regatta.
The wind was cranking and the sea was rolling so the band was aptly named.

 Dinghies rafted up to the barge to listen and do a little dinghy dancing.

 Those of us on the pontoon had a little more room, seats and oh yes, did I mention the bar?

 A couple of days later and we were back to catch an afternoon of racing and then stay for the regatta party in the evening.  Unfortunately the races ended several hours early (when does that ever happen in the Caribbean!) so we arrived too late and had to settle for drinks at the marina, dinner and an evening listening and dancing to the Rocking Pontoons.  Not a hardship but it would have been fun to see some of the racing.

Guess we'll have to drown our sorrows in a blue drink from the Westerhall Rum tasting.

Here's a video of the event that Tom on S/V Farhaven shot of the band singing 
"Stuck in Grenada With You."
"Shandy's to the left of me, Carib's to the right here I am, stuck in Grenada with you...."

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