Saturday, January 12, 2013

A Grenadian Holiday

We enjoyed another wonderful holiday season in Grenada.

A walk around Prickly Bay showed homes displaying their Christmas decorations. 

Bruce and Gina showed their holiday spirit.  They are on the Australian catamaran "Wyuna."

Christmas day was spent with good friends John and Linda aboard "Kool Kat."  
We started with mimosas, bloody mary's and appetizers and just continued eating and drinking our way through the day.  There was lobster and ham, countless side-dishes and a banana-rum cake for dessert.
It was a feast!

Gina (Wyuna), our host John and Joe (Half Moon) take a break from the feasting.

That's Bruce (Wyuna) with Gina and John.

Jim and Becky (Half Moon).

The festivities continued on Boxing Day with the 5th Annual Cruiser's Pot Luck and Music Jam.
Linda and I did the organizing again this year and this is us thanking everyone who participated.

We had a great crowd and a very talented group of musicians.  Special thanks to all the cruisers who shared their talents with us.  It was a great day.

New Year's Eve or as it's called here, Old Year's Night.
Rikky at De Big Fish always throws a great party.

 Here we are with our friends...........

 Hope and Steve (Starshine).......

 Linda and John (Kool Kat).........

 and Joe and Becky (Half Moon).

Thanks to our hosts Kim, Rikky and their staff.  They treat us like family.
Surrounding Christmas and New Years were many fun events like concerts, pot lucks, dinner with friends and more.  Hope your holiday was equally as wonderful!

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