Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Red Dress Run

The last time I hashed was about 3 years ago.  I've done about 6 before this and liked 2 of them.
So I gave it up.  I like to hike not crawl around on my hands and knees in the rain forest!
So Jim was surprised, no let's say shocked when I told him that I thought I'd like to hash on Saturday.
I was a little surprised myself.
Why does a person go back to do something they said they'd never do again?
Does time heal the wounds, numb the pain?  It must or women would never have more than one baby.
Maybe I wanted to prove to myself that I could still handle it.
Or maybe I am becoming an absent-minded, old fart who can't remember what she had for breakfast much less remember that she is in no shape for a Grenada Hash!
Well, never mind all that.  The important thing is that I did it.  It was the Valentine's Day Red Dress Run.  Everyone was encouraged to wear a red dress.  Yes, everyone.
It was also a charity event that raised over 1000 EC dollars.  On On!

The hash started at Mocha Spoke, a coffee house/bike rental shop and then cut across the St. George's University campus.  This was one of the reasons I chose this hash.  
It was close to home and not in the rain forest.

The trail took us past the airport and up over a hill toward an area called Calliste 
before returning to True Blue.

To say that everyone got into the spirit of the event would be an understatement.
There were a few raised eyebrows from Grenadians as the hashers wound their way through the neighborhoods.  Here are just a few of the red dress participants.

In case you were wondering, yes, Jim did get into the spirit!
Here he is with our friend Rikky.

Hope and Wendy in the only red clothes we own!

These are the "Virgin" Hashers being initiated into the fold.

So back to the question I raised earlier.  Why did I go to another Hash?


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