Saturday, February 14, 2015

The Little Chores of Life

Today is Saturday and it seemed to me that it was much like those
Saturdays when I was working during the week and Saturday was
for catching up on chores.  I had my morning cup of tea and then
started on my mental to-do list.
First I put fresh linens on the bed and gathered up the laundry.
Then I loaded up the dinghy and headed over to Prickly Bay Marina.
I dropped off the laundry, picked up ice and then bought some fresh
baked coconut macaroons. 
After all, it is also Valentine's Day so a little treat seemed appropriate!
Back at the boat I did the dishes and tidied up the cabin.
Then it was time for my second trip to the marina for water.
I filled jerry cans with 25 gallons of water that we pumped into our water
tank. Now in case you think I'm complaining or looking for kudos, I'm not.
What struck me as I was driving the dinghy with my load of water jugs
was how beautiful it is here.  Blue sky, blue water, sunshine and
a breeze are constant.  Three pelicans did a loop overhead and
then soared out towards the open ocean.
Today chores didn't feel much like well, a chore!

1 comment:

  1. You really missed it when you were gone didn't you.
    ....officially an island girl who occasionally vacations in the States. :-)