Sunday, April 12, 2015

Grenada National Learn to Swim Week

I just had a really good week!
It was a week where I not only had fun but
where I felt like I did something really worthwhile.
I was one of the volunteers who taught Grenadians to swim!

In a country surrounded by water,
it is estimated that 90% of Grenadians
do not know how to swim.

 For 5 days we conducted classes in swimming pools and at beaches
around Grenada.  The volunteers taught more than 500 children and
adults providing more than 1600 hours of instruction.  It was fabulous!
I was fortunate to get to spend every afternoon on gorgeous
Grand Anse Beach. 

 A couple of volunteers taking a break under
the almond tree that was our base.

 Playtime after the lesson. 
Bryan couldn't wait to get to the beach everyday!
My students ranged in age from 6 to 62.
The look of pure joy on their faces when they learned to swim
was really wonderful.
 St. George's University students Terri, Gaby and Elbert with me on
 the last day of teaching.  It was great to see these future doctors
and veterinarians donating their time to this program. 

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