Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Back Yard

We finally made it to the Back Yard!
The Back Yard is a local restaurant and gathering place that we first heard about last year from John & Marie on the S/V Mettalia. John & Marie go almost every Saturday when they are in Antigua to "lime" and visit with their friends. They know everyone! This is not a tourist place but a local restaurant and bar that is only open Friday evenings and Saturdays. We were eager to see it.

That's Marie on the left with her friends Mary Linda and Ron who are visiting from Montreal.

That's John, with the sunglasses on his head, catching up with friends. John was born in Antigua and lived here until the age of 12.

We ate fried red snapper, jerk pork, spicy wings, fish water (a delicious seafood soup) and drank Wadadli, the local beer. We had a great time.

Hop in the back of the truck and it's back to Jolly Harbour where the boats are anchored.
Thanks John & Marie for taking us to the Back Yard and thanks to all your friends who made us feel so welcome.

Montserrat continues to captivate us. Saturday brought clear skies and the best view of the eruption yet.

The new ash flows look amazing! Take a look at the volcano website, www.montserratvolcanoobservatory.info to see video of the eruptions.

Time to relax with a walk along Jolly Beach. The high surf from last week brought in lots of shells.

I must look like a hunchback walking along the beach with my head down.
I wouldn't want to miss a good one!


  1. Wow, Kyle would love all the shells. Jill

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  3. Happy New Year Wendy and Jim; We sure miss you two, however you both look healthy and happy. Presently we are in Ustupu, San Blas. Lynn and Randy