Monday, March 26, 2012

St. Pat's Continued......

Yes, I know that St. Patick's Day was over a week ago and even the hangovers are a distant memory but we just got around to posting these photos from our celebration.  This was not due to a hangover as there were none onboard Merengue!

De Big Fish threw a great party.  Jim provided them with 5 hours of Irish music to play on the sound system.  Yes, we have lots of Irish music!

We started with green Carib........

..... and then went for the Guinness.  Ahhhhhh!

Friends showed up early to get the celebration started.

I even managed to catch the Marquette game and part of the Wisconsin game.  Sorry for being a little anti-social but that's what March Madness basketball will do to you!

The "Guinness Girls"  who kept the food and drink coming all evening.  The Fish prepared a 3 course Irish dinner for us.
First course, your choice of potato and leek soup or a rustic Reuben salad.
Second course, beer-batter fish or Steak and Guinness pie.
Third course, Bailey's Irish Cream pie or a Guinness float.
Thank you to Kim and Rikky for a wonderful evening.

Same holiday, different island.

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