Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Crayfish Waters. Mannish Waters. What's in the Water?

What's for dinner Uli?
This guy.  He's the star attraction in a wonderful soup called crayfish waters.
We were at the Victoria Food Fest!

 The Victoria Food Fest is a street festival held on the last Saturday of each month in the town of Victoria.

 The street is blocked off and vendors set up stalls where they prepare all the local foods found in Grenada.  Here's part of our group placing their orders.  The young women in the photo made a fabulous sweet potato and callaloo bake that was similar to a bread pudding.  As our British friends say, "It was brilliant!"

 What's on the menu?
Stewed lambi (conch), mannish waters, salt fish cakes and bakes, fried breadfruit, fried plantain, fried fish, breadfruit balls, fried cou cou, pig foot souse, cow skin souse, ginger beer, golden apple juice, coconut bakes, and much more.  We sampled quite a few and they were delicious.

 Jim looks on as our friend Trevor samples the crayfish soup.

In all honesty, not everything was wonderful.  This is a bowl of cow-skin souse with a piece of beef tongue.
We tried a bite of cow-skin souse which had a very nice flavor but a weird consistency.  We couldn't bring ourselves to sample the tongue.  I'm guessing it's an acquired taste!  Nothing goes to waste.

 Next we went to listen to the band and of course I couldn't sit still.  This gentleman saw me dancing in place and pulled me out on the street for a little dance.  I had a hard time keeping up with him!  What fun!

 More eating.  Easter Sunday and we were off to brunch at Whisper Cove Marina.

Gilles and Marie France served up a wonderful brunch of roast pig, beef, ham, several pates, eggs, crepes, potatoes, fruit and lettuce salads, quiche, and more followed by chocolate cake, baklava and apple pie.  All this in the beautiful atmosphere that is Whisper Cove Marina.

To further enhance the atmosphere, we enjoyed the music of Cecil Bartholomew, one of the finest musicians in Grenada and a personal favorite.

It has been interesting and lots of fun being in Grenada at this time of year.  We usually leave somewhere between November and January to sail north and don't return until July or August.  Being here in the winter and spring has given us the opportunity to attend many new events.  We are enjoying every minute of it!  


  1. That's the nicest presentation of cow tongue I've ever seen. I love the pictures of you dancing. You look great!

  2. Oh you wimps... growing up on the Beres farm, cow tongue was required eating. Way better than cow heart or liver if you ask me (that is, if you can get past the look of the cow taste buds). Cold tongue sandwich with mustard as leftovers wasn't so bad either (then you didn't see the taste buds). Angela