Monday, January 6, 2014

Author! Author!

Check out "The Sky at Night" column (page 35) in the January issue of
Caribbean Compass magazine.
Better yet, bookmark it so you can read it every month as Jim is the new author of this monthly column on Astronomy.

There is much to see in the night sky.  Just the other night, Jim had me up on deck at 2 a.m. to look for the Quadrantids meteor shower.  2 a.m.!  I must love him a lot!  Anyway, I'm very proud of him and I'm sure you'll enjoy reading about the sky at night.


  1. Good job of adding moisture to a normally dry read.

  2. Jim must have been a fan of Jack Horkheimer on PBS?

    1. Yes I do. I guess that means I'm a space geek!